Neem Foaming Face Wash (150ml)

Neem Foaming Face Wash (150ml)

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Are you ready to discover the wonders of Lord's Neem Foaming Face Wash and give your skin the care it deserves? Enriched with neem, aloe vera, and vitamin E, this...
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Are you ready to discover the wonders of Lord's Neem Foaming Face Wash and give your skin the care it deserves? Enriched with neem, aloe vera, and vitamin E, this gentle yet effective formula provides vital hydration, combats acne-causing bacteria, and calms skin inflammation. Ideal for all skin types, it's your secret to a refreshed and revitalised appearance.


Key Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Anantmool Extract, Licorice Extract, Lemon Peel Oil, Clove Oil, and Fragrance.

Why Is It Good?

  • Fights Acne-Causing Bacteria- The key ingredient, neem, is renowned for its antibacterial properties, making it a powerful ally in your battle against breakouts.
  • Reduces Skin Inflammation- This Neem Foaming Face Wash contains soothing components, such as aloe vera and licorice extract, that help calm irritated skin, leaving you with a soothing and refreshed feeling.
  • No Mineral Oil, Sulphate, Silicone, and Paraben- You can use it with confidence, knowing that you're not exposing your skin to harsh chemicals.
  • Ideal for All Skin Types-  Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin, this face wash is designed to suit your unique needs.

  • How To Use

    1. Moisten Your Face: Start by wetting your face with lukewarm water. This opens up your pores and prepares your skin for cleansing.
    2. Pump and Apply: Dispense the desired amount of Lord's Neem foaming face wash directly onto your face.
    3. Massage Gently: Use the attached brush or your fingertips to gently massage the face wash into your skin. Pay special attention to areas with stubborn pores or acne.
    4. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse your face thoroughly with water until all the foamy residue is gone. Make sure there's no product left on your skin.


    Can I use Lord's Neem Foaming Face Wash every day?

    Yes, you can use Lord's Neem Foaming Face Wash as part of your daily skincare routine. It is formulated to be gentle enough for daily use, and doing so can help you maintain clean and healthy skin. For best results, you can use it once in the morning and once in the evening.


    Will this face wash help with severe acne?

    While Lord's Neem Foaming Face Wash is effective in combating acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation, it's important to note that its effectiveness can vary from person to person. For severe acne concerns, it's advisable to consult a dermatologist.


    Can I use makeup after using this face wash?

    Yes, you can apply makeup after using the face wash. Ensure that your face is thoroughly dry before applying makeup for a smooth finish. However, it's essential to ensure your skin is completely dry before applying makeup for a better makeup application.


    How long will one bottle of this face wash last with daily use?

    The duration a bottle lasts depends on your daily usage. Typically, with regular daily use, one bottle should last for several weeks. However, individual usage habits may vary, so it's advisable to monitor the product's longevity based on your specific routine.

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